The Convergence Leadership Project (CLP) is an online, on-demand small group program for clergy and laity who want to strengthen their church while preparing for the cultural changes that impact ministry. Throughout this program, we work together to build a church that is welcoming in new people and younger generations to become spiritual activists to care for the planet, seek justice for the poor, welcome vulnerable people, and work for peace across racial, religious, political, and cultural divides.

CLP provides self-guided intensives to equip and inspire you and your congregation to be long-term contributors in a vital spiritual movement taking shape around the world. Participants are eligible to receive a Certificate in Convergence Leadership with the purchase and successful completion of the full online course package.

Goals of the Program:

  • To liberate participants from ignorance, superficiality, blame, and shame by helping them understand the complex causes of decline in “organized religion.”
  • To inspire participants with a fresh vision of Christian faith as “organizing religion” – a movement of spiritual activists organized for mission in their homes, neighborhoods, professions, communities, economies, and political arenas.
  • To train participants in what instructor Brian McLaren has called “a generous orthodoxy” or “a new kind of Christianity” – a shared Christian ethos that can be expressed in a variety of denominational and cultural contexts.
  • To equip senior ministers and others to develop a unified public voice to speak pastorally and prophetically into the life of their region, nation, and world.
  • To articulate a shared vision for their region and develop a shared strategy for “seeking first the commonwealth and justice of God” (Matthew 6:33) in their region.
  • To help the cohort agree upon and embody a shared ethos of “just and generous Christianity” that they will practice through their various congregations.
  • To help regional cohorts build collaborative alliances with other like-hearted faith communities (Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) and secular groups, and to equip cohorts to interact creatively with faith communities whose vision and values differ.
  • To link regional cohorts with their counterparts in other regions to build a long-term movement of just and generous Christianity in North America and beyond.



Access course learning modules
at your speed and preference


you will be invited into the Convergence App
community – our online organizing and action network.

Live Interactions

take advantage of online conversations
where you meet fellow leaders and have your
questions answered

Experiential Learning

through projects, experiences,
experiments, and implementations

Additional Resources

include access to meet-ups at events,
plus self-assessments, readings,
checklists, etc


A Congregation.

That’s best and most economical. You would identify a group of congregational leaders who would experience the program together, and your “learning lab” would be your congregation.

A Cohort.

Maybe your congregation isn’t ready for CLP yet, but you have a small group or class or youth group that is. Maybe you and some fellow pastors, students, or friends want to form a cohort together.

An individual.

Maybe you want to get trained as an individual so that you can bring along your congregation or form a cohort later.



Brian D. McLaren


Rev. Cameron Trimble


Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis


Rev. Jim Keat


We create online modules to help learners a) engage with content, b) reflect on the content and interaction with the help of relevant questions, and c) translate learning into action.

Each intensive focuses on one or more specific projects for participants. The projects are enjoyable, challenging, and relevant to life and ministry.

We integrate personal/spiritual growth with organizational and missional growth, emphasizing both inner and outer work.

We bring together a wide variety of leaders as models for learners, diverse in race, gender, age, denomination, etc.

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