The Convergence Leadership Project (CLP) is a cohort-based two-year continuing education program for clergy and laity who want to strengthen their church while preparing them for the cultural changes that impact ministry. We work together to build a church that is deeply aligned and moving forward on a path of just, joyful, generous, and regenerative Christian faith. A church that is welcoming in new people and younger generations to become spiritual activists to care for the planet, seek justice for poor, welcome vulnerable people, and work for peace across racial, religious, political, and cultural divides. CLP provides 8-week intensives to equip and inspire you and your congregation to be long-term contributors in a vital spiritual movement taking shape around the world. CLP. Participants are eligible to receive a Certificate in Convergence Leadership with the successful completion of four online intensives.

We know that today’s political and social reality needs a new kind of faith leader. The Convergence Leadership Project (CLP) trains congregational leaders, lay and ordained, as spiritual activists in a growing, multi-denominational movement of just and generous Christianity. If you apply, you will be part of a growing regional and national movement of contemplative Christian activism that spans denominations and traditions.

As a leader, you and your congregation are the first line in a shift of energy and assets from institutional religion to organizing religion. You’ll become equipped to uphold and defend the rights of marginalized persons in your communities and our country. You’ll collaborate across denominations and other religious traditions to address critical social and economic issues, serving as public theologians and moral leaders in your region and beyond, creating a firewall of resistance to injustice.



Intensive, formally with
8-week time frames


Work via daily messages and
weekly learning modules


Groups of 6-12 (max 16) peers for personal
and interpersonal learning

Executive Coaches

to provide orientation, guide interaction,
respond to questions, encourage participation

Live Interactions

with instructors & coaches via online conversations
at four key points in each intensive

Experiential Learning

through projects, experiences,
experiments, and implementations

Additional Resources

include access to or meet-ups at events,
plus self-assessments, readings,
checklists, etc


based on four criteria: completion of modules,
online interaction with cohort, completion
of experiential learning project, self-evaluation


The price is $1,400 for the CLP two-year program. This price includes four intensives, all gatherings, and the certificate.

We offer three payment options:

  1. Pay in full ($1400) at time of acceptance by cash, check, or credit card.
  2. Monthly payments (max. 6 months) of $234 minimum by credit card only.
  3. Installment agreement (max. 12 months) of four payments at $350 minimum to be paid by cash, check or credit card.

All payment plans must be completed in one year and the program must be paid in full regardless of withdrawal or drop-out. We do not offer payment per intensive at this time.

We understand your time is valuable. We ask all students to commit at least 5 hours per week to this program. The program requires a basic level of technological knowledge and videoconferencing capabilities. For questions, concerns, technological or time commitments, please contact Program Director, Rev. Dr. Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock at lindsay@convergenceus.org for more information.



Brian D. McLaren


Rev. Cameron Trimble


Rev. Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock


Rev. Lawrence Richardson


Rev. Jim Keat


Rev. Anna Golladay


We design the program for groups in which learners interact with one another in real-life contexts of work and community.

We create online modules to help learners a) engage with content privately, b) engage with others using that content and building on it, c) reflect on the content and interaction with the help of relevant questions, and d) translate learning into action.

Each intensive focuses on one or more specific projects for participants. The projects are enjoyable, challenging, and relevant to life and ministry.

We integrate personal/spiritual growth with organizational and missional growth, emphasizing both inner and outer work.

We bring together a wide variety of leaders as models for learners, diverse in race, gender, age, denomination, etc.

We are seeking to build a high-commitment community in Convergence Leadership Project. For this reason, we have designed an application process that helps you and us assess if CLP is right for you. The process consists of a) an application and b) a twenty-minute interview conducted by videoconference to go over your application, discuss commitment and context, answer questions, etc.

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