Upcoming Gatherings:

Although the majority of your certificate program will transpire online, we recognize how important it is to gather with the colleagues, instructors, and learning coaches you have journeyed alongside.

Gatherings could include:

  • Annual Retreat
  • Evening Meet-Ups at Partnering Gatherings
  • Pre-conference Events at Parterning Gatherings
  • Custom CLP-Exclusive Sessions at Partnering Gatherings

Church Camp

Pre-Festival Gathering with Brian McLaren
Hot Springs, NC
Thursday July 11, 2019
9 am – 5 pm


  • Does the future have a church?
  • Can we imagine vital spirituality in the Jesus way without churches as we’ve known them?
  • What kind of churches do we need?
  • How could existing churches learn from the Wild Goose?
  • What’s state of the art in thinking about church futures?

Brian McLaren and guests will explore questions like these with pastors, lay leaders, ex-church folk, parents, and others who care about churches and their role in our crazy context.

Come just for the pre-day or stay for the entire festival (July 11-14). Simply use the code CONVERGENCE19 to access your discounted Wild Goose weekend ticket for only $129 (more than 50% off)!

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